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Fast Track Harrow

About The Fast Track Harrow

Many of the industry's leading trainers choose The Fast Track Harrow for it's durability, efficiency and simply because they choose the best for their facility and their horses.

The Fast Track Harrow has been designed to prepare the best possible working surfaces for horses, whether on a race track or in an arena.

The Fast Track Harrow was created around the cutting shank which has a hard-facing welded to the leading edge. The hard-facing greatly reduces abrasive wear and likewise costly labor and replacement. A hard-faced shank also maintains a sharp point which allows the harrow to cut into hard-packed footing. The shanks are slanted backwards to further increase the cutting action. The spacing of the cutting shanks is such that it produces a well worked cushion and a smooth, flat base that is not slippery. The ring roller smoothes the surface, breaks up clods and accuratley controls the cutting depth of the shanks. The cutting depth can be easily and precisely set from zero to four inches.

The float bar follows behind to smooth and level the surface by filling in depressions, which leaves a desirable smooth and professional finish to your arena or track.

The result is a well worked uniform surface that gives better traction with reduced concussion and fatigue. All designed to give top performance and protect your horse's valuable legs.

To set the cutting depth, set the roller on a block of wood (2x4 is best), loosen the set screws and drop the cutting shanks onto a flat surface. To fine tune the cutting depth, lengthen to top link of the three-point hitch to rise the shanks and shorten to lower. For the best depth control, the hitch control lever must be set all the way down. The optimum working speed is 4.5 MPH.

The overall width is 12 inches wider than the cutting width.

The Fast Track Harrow is primarily used on sand mix to sandy clay soils, but it is also the harrow to use on wood or rubber product services.

Not only is The Fast Track Harrow made from the highest quality materials, it is extremely economical. Let us help you, help your horse reach it's peak performance; use The Fast Track Harrow!

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Product #
Description Price
2 Row Slant Harrow - 4 ft Without Rings 16HP
2 Row Slant Harrow - 5 ft Without Rings 18HP
2 Row Slant Harrow - 5 ft (with rings) 20HP
2 Row Slant Harrow - 6 ft (with rings) 25HP
3 Row Slant Harrow (with rings) - 5 ft 25 PTO HP
3 Row Slant Harrow (with rings) - 6 ft 35 PTO HP
3 Row Slant Harrow (with rings) - 7 ft 45 PTO HP
3 Row Slant Harrow (with rings) - 8 ft 55+ PTO HP
3 Row Slant Harrow (with rings) - 9 ft 70+ PTO HP
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